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Lead Product Engineer


About us: Tiny start-up with a huge purpose

Treety is an impact start-up at the cross-section of data & sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to drive scalable and systemic change toward an “impact economy” where the success of an investment is measured beyond its financial returns.

And with 20+ funds in our system and over €2.7B total AUM supported on our platform, we’ve just entered a stage of fast growth.

Our product:

We’re building tools for impact & sustainability measurement and reporting. But what does that mean?

Our core product is the Treety Platform, where Investors can track various impact metrics of their portfolio companies, and where start-ups can upload, track and benchmark their metrics.

Next to it, we’re working on a wide portfolio of tools to assist in compliance with regulatory requirements and off-the-shelf impact tracking solutions.

Your role:

Treety is becoming an increasingly complex application, integrating various toolkits like Google Looker or Jotform next to many deep custom systems. We’re looking for a person who can manage, simplify and grow our product on a technical layer while keeping our clients needs and experience in mind.

Once you join, you’ll be leading a small team of diverse engineers and responsible for the following:

  • Collaborate closely with the Head of Product to solve our customers problems in the fastest and simplest possible way.
  • Build the RIGHT things in an agile way, heavily leveraging 3rd party services and modern development tools.
  • Build many MVPs and Proofs of Concept, bringing multi-faceted technical expertise into our data product.
  • Execute solution architecture, making sure all parts of our product work seamlessly together.
  • Make smart solutions and bits of code to seamlessly connect our modules and systems together
  • Influence tech culture and process, such as DevOPs, deployment, code quality, development principles, agile rituals, etc.

You’ll be reporting directly to the Head of Product and work as a senior/lead member of a team of 5 developers. Your work will be split between Individual Contribution Engineering (est. 60%), Team & Process Management (est. 25%) and Strategy (est. 15%).

The perfect candidate:

To be a good fit for the role, you should meet most (but not all!) of these requirements:

  • You have 3+ years experience in a technical role at the intersection of Product and Engineering (Product Engineer, Solution Architect, Innovation Engineer)
  • You’ve led a technical team before (or have relevant mentoring experience)
  • You’re not afraid of a quick MVP combining 3rd party services but you also know when to build maintainable and scalable services.
  • You get product and are able to shift priorities or re-scope a solution based on exact clients needs and wants
  • You have holistic understanding of web app development (JS, middleware, microservices, scaling)
  • You’re familiar with common data solutions (i.e. MongoDB, BigQuery, AWS) and get the basics of data pipelines.
  • You have experience with Google Cloud Platform and know how to navigate its specificities
  • You’re a good Software Engineer who’s able to write, review and maintain good code.

Additionally, the following can be greatly beneficial:

  • Experience with data engineering, especially regarding building data pipelines and automated analytics
  • Previous experience with data-centric products and complex information architectures (i.e. governmental websites, analytics tools or marketing tools)

What we offer:

We’re a growing start-up and that comes with a unique work environment and set of challenges. Some of the unique things you’ll experience working at Treety:

  • Fully remote working environment (possible arrangements for digital nomad-ship)
  • High level of autonomy and seniority in decision-making, including toolkits, implementation decisions, etc.
  • Very short lines to all team-members and ability to understand inner working of the company
  • Ability to focus on exciting/creative parts of the role due to minimal bureaucracy
  • Compensation package in-line with industry standards
  • Sharing success - as our company grows, so will your role, bonus and compensation!

What happens once you apply?

We are committed to a minimal 3-step application process. After reviewing your resume and portfolio, you’ll have receive a short questionaire. Then you'll have one interview with the leadership, and one technical interview with your future manager. You’ll get a clear answer within 3 weeks of your application.




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