Blockchain Engineer for a security service

 9 months ago

Headquarters: Switzerland

Join Our Strive for Personal Integrity! 

Are you eager to help create a future where personal integrity is of the essence, and not just an option for the tech-savvy few? If you share our view that anyone’s right to what’s rightfully theirs is intrinsic and non-negotiable, and you’re passionate about the opportunities cutting edge cryptography presents; we have an opportunity awaiting you.  

About Us: With Keep What’s Yours as our guiding principle, we're embarking on an ambitious journey with the goal of providing the world with highly secure and accessible self-custody of digital goods and services. We're on a mission to bring the control back where it belongs, and we need your expertise to get there.  

What we Offer:  
  • Influence: You'll have a significant say in choosing technologies, project management, and the project's infrastructure. We're still in an early stage, and your input matters.  
  • Motivated Team: Join a brand-new, highly motivated, and experienced team dedicated to push boundaries.  
  • Agile Approach: We're implementing an agile approach to make our code commercially viable, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.  
  • Self-Management: We're looking for self-motivated individuals who can take charge of their work and deliver outstanding results.  
  • Innovation: We're creating a new standard in online security.  
  • Flexible engagement: We are open for both contract basis or full time employment depending on what suits you best.  
  • Employee Equity Options: Enjoy the benefits of being a vital part of our journey.  
  • Budget: In the beginning we are on a tight budget and are primarily looking for skilled developers in low cost countries. 
Your Role: As one of our two developers, you'll complete each other's strengths as a lead blockchain developer and a lead application developer.   

Candidate Qualifications:  
All our screening interview will be conducted with video and screen sharing and technical tests will be included later in our process.
  • Blockchain Expertise: Your deep knowledge of blockchain technology is crucial, and prior experience of bringing a project to market is valuable. 
  • Experience technically implementing several blockchain projects. 
  • Tech Stack: You're skilled in Golang, Rust/Solidity and Cosmos SDK, container runtimes (k8s), packaging, and deployment.  
  • Pair Programming: You embrace agile development practices, including pair programming and code reviews.  
  • Team Collaboration: You excel in organizing work with developers in a manager-free environment, fostering a collaborative team spirit.  
If you're hungry for development, ready to go the extra mile, and eager to make the digital space safer and more attainable for everyone, we look forward to having you on our team!  

Join our journey today and help us, helping you, to Keep What’s Yours!  

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