Backend Engineer - Distributed US

 DeepNFT Value
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 2 months ago

Backend Engineer - Distributed US

Valuing crypto assets with machine learning (ML) 

DeepNFTValue is a machine learning startup focused on valuing crypto assets such as NFTs. Our price oracles show users, marketplaces and platforms what their NFTs are worth – right now, and historically. We also price risk for NFT lending, and offer curation / recommendations helpful for browsing and evaluating deals in top collections.

Think of us as a Moody's or Kelley Blue Book for NFTs. We use on-chain data for recent and historical transactions, bids, listings and sales, to train machine learning models that adapt to daily market activity, while respecting historical market structure.

Having started with the most valuable, popular and liquid collections, we are scaling our offerings to cover additional NFT collections and beyond. Join us to bring accurate, transparent pricing to the crypto asset space. 

[We have been publishing NFT pricing since 2021, raised $4M in June 2022, and have plenty of runway.]

Two Senior Eng Role Openings 

We are looking for hands-on technical contributors, in both a backend engineering role, and machine learning research engineering. Two of our top technical priorities include:

  1. Training the most accurate machine learning models in the crypto space, including in real time.

  2. Building and maintaining user products around those models, including our website, API, and notifications.

In either role, you would be joining a small core engineering team, and working closely with the founder.

You Have

Qualifications below are ideal, but not all are required. We encourage candidates who meet some but not all of the qualifications listed below to apply.

  • Experience (5+ years) in backend engineering and software development.

  • Experience with python and AWS, with a focus on large data processing.

  • Experience with numpy, pandas, torch, and jupyter notebooks.

  • Familiarity with the crypto space.

  • Knowledge of machine learning methods such as regression, decision trees and deep neural networks.

  • Contributions to open source projects. 

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal. 

Role Location

Remote, Distributed US 


Nikolai Yakovenko is the founder/CEO of DeepNFTValue. He is a deep learning scientist / engineer, having worked in deep learning and machine learning at Google, Twitter and Nvidia, as well as leading a machine learning team at an NYC-based hedge fund. 


Company Website

Latest round of funding- $4 million 

Founder, Nikolai Yakovenko, linkedin profile 

What’s your NFT Really Worth




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