Full Stack Software Engineer

 22 days ago

Headquarters: London
URL: https://beapplied.com

Applied is the platform for debiased hiring. 
We’re pushing back against outdated hiring practices by rearchitecting the process and leaving CVs behind. Our product is born out of scientific research, data-driven methodologies and has a purpose: it removes flawed signifiers, mitigates systemic inequalities, and surfaces the best candidates, taking the guesswork out of hiring.
Given what we do, we’re keen to build diverse teams and offer flexible and part-time working hours. For this role, we're looking for an engineer to work with us for a minimum of 3 days/week. As we've moved to a remote-first working style, we trust people to work enough hours to do good work, at times that suit you and your team.
You can read more about us in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch and New Scientist and learn more about how we give Candidates useful feedback here. 
About Our Engineering Team 
A note about our team: we place high value on trust, communication, ambition, empathy, accountability, user & data driven decisions, and have a bias towards action and curiosity.
We’re a team who:
  • Are passionate about making high-quality digital products that add real and meaningful value to people's lives
  • Can collaborate effectively, inspire those around them, and start from a position of empathy
  • Understand the business objectives, the needs of the broader team and work with product managers to prioritise accordingly
  • Are comfortable working in an early-stage enviroment. We use agile to help us handle uncertainty and allow us to deliver features quickly and iterate on them

The Role

We’re changing the way hiring is done for good and need to scale our engineering team to build great features for users on an infrastructure that's fit to scale with us. We want to build a platform that's as much of a pleasure to work on as a developer as it is to use as a customer!
We have a great starting point: 100s of customers that love us, well over half a million candidates that have applied (and loved!) the process, a mature and easy deployment process, good test setups, nice infrastructure (Lambda, Fargate, ECS, Terraform, Elasticsearch...) and a nice tech stack (Node.js, Vue). We have big plans to ensure scalability and developer experience - decoupling as much as we can, moving to Typescript to help us write safe code easily and continuing to use functional approaches to ramp up modularity and maintainability.

In your first 6 months at Applied you'll:

  • Make big contributions to our product. You'll be deploying to production in your first week and getting stuck into our scrum process from the very start.
  • Be involved in product design - as engineers we care about our users and work closely throughout the product design process to ensure we deliver great features quickly.
  • Get to know (and work on) the entire product + infrastructure.
  • Work to improve our infrastructure, tooling and tech stack.
  • Shape our process - we love a good retro and continually inspecting and improving how we work is core to how we work as a team.

You'll benefit from:

  • Equity in the business
  • Wellbeing benefit and access to Spill
  • Remote working budget 
  • Internet stipend
  • Learning & development budget + progression support
  • Involved in other aspects of the business, from strategy, management and training, to shaping team culture
  • Being part of something that's both commercially successful and socially important
We’re working remotely first and use Desana as our office subsciption. Our general aim is to have 2 away days throughout the year so we can all meet in person at least a few times a year. 

Next Steps

Our process is progressive - Instead of submitting a CV, you’ll answer 5 work-related questions. Our goal is to assess your approach to a problem, and better understand what knowledge and skills you have. Our advice is to read the question carefully and answer in full as we will never look at your CV or ask for a cover letter.
If you work at Applied, you'll need to search for things, so feel free to do this during the application as it isn’t a test. Your answers will be anonymized, randomized and reviewed by the team. We use these scores to shortlist for interview where we will do a tech design session as a team, a pair programming task and a reverse interview where you get to ask us questions.
We also think giving feedback is incredibly valuable for candidates, so at the end of the process you'll see how well you performed during the application process.
*Right to work:* We are open to engineers who live within a 4 hour timezone of London, UK. In these instances, we work with an EOR.
We do NOT provide visas in order to move to the UK, so please only apply if you have a right to work in the country where you reside in.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/applied-full-stack-software-engineer




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