Data Engineering Solutions Consultant

 2 months ago

About this Role:

Andela is fully committed to delivering the right services and talent to the clients we serve. We provide our clients with remote IT engineers and leaders through managed services, outcome based projects and partially or fully integrated teams. The successful applicant will have (or now desire to have) a consulting background, have spent time as a senior data engineer working through builds of data warehouses, Lakes, Meshes, etc. You must have architectural experience in building real time and batch oriented solutions, as well as proven experience constructing solutions that meet the needs of data analysts and data scientists. Due to high demand, we are looking to expand our data practice area to further specialize in data engineering services.

Objectives of this Role

  • In-Depth knowledge of data engineering processes, data pipelining and real time and batch oriented architectures.
  • Working knowledge of modern data processing solutions (Apache Airflow, Kafka, python, etc)
  • Build client facing presentations to highlight the Data Engineering Practice Area and our Data engineers in our talent network
  • Provide consultative mentorship to our clients on their data engineering approaches and input in client proposals when vital
  • Focus on joining up the vital partners across departments to assist in go-to-market strategies
  • Build technical partnerships with commercial organizations such as: 3 major cloud providers, Astronomer, Confluent, etc. Fully vet them within the organization (Marketing, Sales, etc)
  • Identify and train appropriate Andela talent on Data Engineering best practice
  • Stay relevant and up to speed with latest data products & solutions
  • Cross-sell data projects for key clients, growing revenue and producing case studies to promote the data insights services

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Partner with delivery teams to deliver on client projects in the areas of data engineering best practices
  • Seek to understand Andela's unique offering and further define our data engineering capabilities
  • Examine data, processes, and technologies to evaluate the current state and critical problems for external client projects
  • Train and mentor teams in data principles

Skills and Qualifications

  • Phenomenal conceptual and hands-on experience with:
  • Data Presentation and Visualization
  • Data Orchestration
  • Data Governance and Literacy
  • Strong client-facing experience as a data consultant
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Proactive, self-sufficient, positive demeanor
  • Quick on your feet and flexible demeanor

Preferred Qualifications

  • 5-7 years of data experience
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • Experience taking care of various senior partners across the business




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